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Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery

Our expertise lies in rendering proficient and experienced surgeons for Phacoemulsification on Cataract.

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Glaucoma can result in partial or permanent loss of vision if left undiagnosed.

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Lasik & Refractive Surgery

Popular surgical method to address vision issues that include elimination of dependency on spectacles.

Orbit and Oculoplastic Surgery

Our specialized branch in eye surgery to treat or reconstruct the areas surroundiing the eyes.

Retina Evaluation

The retina resembles the film of a camera, a meager yet complex layer toward the rear of the eye that gets the engaged pictures from the focal points in front.

Paediatric Ophthalmology

Paediatric ophthalmology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in children.

Low Vision Aids

Low vision aids will help to deal with your vision loss. To find out more consult a doctor.

Ocula Prosthesis

An ocular prosthesis is an artificial eye made of medical grade plastic that replaces natural eye.